Herbal Medicine in Three Forms


Acupuncture and Herbology are the two main modalities of TCM and they serve to complement each other perfectly. While some patients may achieve their health goals through one or the other, most will benefit from a combination of both Acupuncture and Herbs. Some conditions, such as those that may be chronic and complex in nature, may necessitate an herb-based treatment plan for effective results.

Our Clinic and Wellness Group can offer herbal medicine in three forms:

1 – Capsules or Granules: Capsules or Granules are pre-made formulas taken in capsule or granules. They tend to be more convenient to take and use.

They are not customizable however, and multiple formulas may be required to reach your health goals.

2 – Raw Herbs: Raw herbs are individualized formulations that must be processed (cooked) by the patient at home. Raw herbs tend to be more potent and customizable. Patients will brew the herbal decoction at home and drink the tea as directed.

3 – Decocted Raw Herbs: Decocted raw herbs are the same as the above raw herbs but the customized formulation will be decocted by the clinic and separated into individual serving bags. This allows for customization and potency with the convenience of not having to brew the herbs at home.